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The 5 Crucial Culture Dimensions

Research by the Perception Mapping group shows the very best performing organisations all perform exceptionally well on FIVE Crucial Culture Dimensions.

1. Treatment

Experience shows the most critical psychological factor in a person’s performance is how well they feel they are being treated by their managers and work colleagues. Treat people well and they will happily contribute their best efforts to building organisational success. Treat them badly and they will sabotage at every opportunity.

2. Engagement

People come to work for money but engage and perform based on how well their ideas, skills and personal efforts are valued by their organisation. Most critically, people perform best when they are involved in all the decisions that affect their daily work. It gives them a sense of ownership, responsibility and accountability.

3. Empowerment

The feelings of freedom and autonomy are some of the greatest human motivators. Independence of thought and action provide the energy to perform at a high level for long periods. Over-managed and oversupervised staff rarely perform well for any length of time.

4. Leadership

Only the top one or two percent of companies operate with fully self-managed workforces. Most others operate with hierarchies that generally impede performance. The better hierarchies have direct managers, with great relationship skills, and the ability to coach and develop the people they supervise.

5. Speaking Up

Years of VitalSmarts Inc. research shows most people go to silence when confronted with the need to discuss tough and emotionally charged issues. But, in the very open and transparent communication environments, of the best performing organisations, every worker is skilled and encouraged to speak up on every issue.


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